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BikeLife is a subculture that originated in the United States in the early 2000s, featuring groups of young people gathering on the streets with motocross bikes, quads, and bicycles to socialize and showcase their stunts. It distracts young individuals from criminal activity and provides them with a sense of belonging, while also promoting physical activity. Over time, BikeLife has expanded overseas as a way of life. 

Despite being a relatively young movement, it is gaining increasing popularity in Italy, where young people make themselves known primarily through social media by sharing photos and videos.

I have decided to document in 2021 the daily life and gatherings of the BikeLife movement on the streets of Milan, where young people express themselves through Wheelie Bikes, which are modified versions of mountain bikes or BMX bikes. 

Not everyone can afford such a bike, so many individuals use any bicycle and modify it based on their riding preferences.
The main features include pegs and slick tires for better grip and swerving abilities.

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