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In February 2020, while I was working in Milan for newspapers, during the fashion week, a phone call arrives from the agency.
The first case of Covid19 was found in a village very close to Milan, in those months it was known that a virus was arriving from China but no one created alarmism, indeed there were many initiatives in February to defuse the situation.
Italy has been one of the countries where the virus has spread since the beginning, with a very high average age of the population, the situation of Italian hospitals was already in very bad conditions and with Covid19 an attempt was made initially to isolate the countries with the most infected, then the entire Lombardy region and finally a national lockdown.
The Lombardy region in Italy is one of the areas where there have been more Covid19 victims in the world.
The surge of the virus in the first half of the year has created a situation of uncertainty throughout the country.

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