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There is a emergency that has been and is still being faced in Italy, in silence: the emotional and psychological burden of the pandemic on healthcare workers.

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Cristina Pilati, anesthesiologist at the Cremona hospital during her work in the intensive care unit.

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A group of women who lost their husbands during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a new study conducted by the Emdr Italia association, one operator out of three has clear signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome, a data that represents more than 60 percent of healthcare personnel.

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A meeting between the employees of the Pio Albergo Trivulzio in Milan with the psychologist Fabiana Riva.

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The drawing depicts a doctor who returns to his home advising his children not to go near him due to the Covid pandemic. The drawing was made during EMDR therapy between a patient and Dr. Elisa Fogliato from Lecco.

05_.Take care of me_Carlo Cozzoli.jpg

Luca Giacomelli while he arranges the medical records in the death archive, in the basement of the Lecco hospital.

07_.Take care of me_Carlo Cozzoli.jpg

A sign with the inscription “We will make it” hung on a house in Nembro.

“Take care of me” is a photojournalistic project created in 2021 and later published on Life Gate.

The photos were taken by Carlo Cozzoli who worked with the journalist Lavinia Nocelli. Together they listened to dozens of experiences entering the intimacy of the stories of doctors, managers and patients.

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Elena Maria Ravasio pulmonologist at the Lecco hospital while cleaning her machinery work.

09_.Take care of me_Carlo Cozzoli.jpg

A Covid patient during hippotherapy at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan.

The Covid pandemic has certainly put each of us under stress, especially the medical staff who fought the health emergency on the front lines. This project was born with the intention of giving more value and a voice to psychological assistance in Italy.

10_.Take care of me_Carlo Cozzoli.jpg

Chiara Solerio, veteran rescuer of the Milan Red Cross.

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